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Science & Technology Education Service Co. Pvt. Ltd. runs only one Bachelor Program, i.e., B. Tech in Food Technology, which operates under the subsidiary unit Dharan Multiple Campus.

B. Tech (Food) is a 4-year course and is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. Food Technology is one of the most important interdisciplinary sciences today. Although Food Technology deals with almost every aspect of food it is better understood as "post-harvest" technology, agriculture (pre-harvest) being a separate science in its own right.

Food Technology basically deals with processing, preservation, value-addition, packaging and storage of food commodities. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, Food Technology course contains as many as 20 subjects, ranging from basic sciences, microbiology, engineering, to operations research and food plant management.

Scope of Food Technology education

Life cannot exist without food. There is scope of Food Technology as long as there is life on the earth.

At a practical level, food technologists will have roles in the following areas:

  • Management (production and general) in food and allied industries
  • Quality control departments
  • Government bodies
  • Academic filed (teaching)
  • Research and development
  • Food security
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Food expert in NGOs and INGOs

Food Technology Programs in Nepal

As of 2020, there are 11 campuses where Food Technology course is offered:

  • Pokhara - 1 (Bigyan tatha Pravidhi Campus)
  • Kathmandu -4 (Golden Gate International, Padmashree International College, Lalitpur Valley College, National College of Food Science and Technology)
  • Chitwan - 1 (Nagarik College)
  • Biratnagar - 1 (Birat Multiple Campus)
  • Itahari - 1 (Nilgiri College)
  • Dharan - 3 (Dharan Multiple Campus, Central Campus of Technology, and Sunsari Technical College).

Central Campus of Technology is the only constituent campus of Tribhuvan University where Bachelor-, Master, and PhD programs in Food Technology are offered.

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