Bijuli Office Road, Dharan, Nepal | Tel: +977-25-525651


Dharan Multiple Campus has well-equipped laboratories. Both in-house and collaborative researches are regularly carried out. We have experience of working with Japanese institutions and providing laboratory facilities for PhD candidates.

The research cell also arranges training programs and short courses, which may range from laboratory training to vocational training for food processing. The campus has the experience of providing training on dairy products technology (1 year) in collaboration with an organization called Training for Employment (TfE).

Based on requirement, the laboratories can be used day-in day-out (24 h) by the researcher. The laboratories are backed with with uninterrupted power supply and unlimited internet facility to aid smooth running of the work. This is why our thesis-year (4th Year) B. Tech students complete their laboratory work in time.

Faculties also regularly use the laboratories to refine experiments / practicals to make them simpler and more adaptable, often leading to the evolution of highly insightful new variations of experiments. This continuous process of refinement of experiments have often led to development of tailored experiment manuals by the faculties.

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