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Curriculum development, modification and updating is an ongoing process. National curriculum format 2076, approved by the Government of Nepal has been prepared based on changed contexts, research reports, suggestions and feedback from various stakeholders including teachers, professors, students, intellectuals, suggestions from various organizations and professions, information and communication media and positive suggestions from civil society to make the curriculum relevant and inclusive.

The school level curriculum structure and guidelines has been developed developed as a means to help build capable and competitive citizens for building a prosperous nation based on social justice.

Based on the mentioned context and approach of school education, curriculum structure for class 11 and 12 and thematic curricula according to that structure have been developed.

The objectives of the new curriculum range from developing personality by cultivating inherent talent in every person, developing necessary human resources for building a prosperous nation based on social justice, to producing skilled and responsible citizens. In essence, the objectives of the curriculum are very far-reaching and holistic.

Structure of the syllabus

The new syllabus divides the subjects to be studied in class XI and XI (Science) into two distinct categories, viz. (i) Compulsory, and (iii) Optional.

Students will have to study 7 subjects in each class, including the optional subject. A summary of the the subjects and their weightages is as follows:

SN Subject & Code for Class XI Subject & Code for Class XII
1 Nepali [Nep. 001] Nepali [Nep. 002]
2 English [Eng. 003] English [Eng. 004]
3 Social Studies [Soc. 005] Life skills [Lif. 008]
Optional Optional
4 Physics [Phy. 101] Physics [Phy. 102]
5 Biology [Bio. 201] Biology [Bio. 202]
6 Chemistry [Che. 301] Chemistry [Che. 302]
7 Mathematics [Mat. 401] Mathematics [Mat. 402]
8 Applied Mathematics [403] Applied Mathematics [404]
9 Environment Science [Ens. 413] Environment Science [Ens. 414]
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